Chief Oilfield Technologies Sand & Gas Drill Out Separation Creates Safer, More Efficient Locations

Chief Oilfield Technologies is a one-stop-shop for oilfield drilling engineers searching for the best sand and gas separation equipment in the industry on drill outs. With our state-of-the-art, stand-alone technology, you can find a comprehensive solution for separating sand from gas or drilling fluids, eliminating the need for half frac tanks, hydrovacs on loc regularly, and reuse of drill out fluids. Given the superior quality of our equipment to our competitors, which can move the amount of sand they can in a day in just a couple hours, our solution also provides increased work site simplicity, safety, and efficiency. Our systems are overbuilt, and the quality is superior. Simply put, our sand/gas units are built for the oilfield and the environment of such.

You provide the project and we’ll provide the system and manpower. Being able to put your trust in Chief Oilfield Technologies is part of the guaranteed Chief Advantage. Our complete systems sand/gas combos can also be run without our personnel saving operators literally thousands a day.